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Share an Idea

As an Edmontonian, your voice matters—and it’s our job to listen. We want to hear your values and ideas through ongoing engagement that’s authentic, transparent and meaningful. In fact we have a principle for this project that says just that.

We collaborate directly with all stakeholders and report back to you on how your input was heard, considered, and/or advanced - everyone should come out knowing exactly how their input will be used in the planning process.

How To Share An Idea

A good idea can happen to anyone. And yours could be the one that changes everything. Submit your idea as an image, a video link or written description. If you’re feeling really keen, you’re welcome to submit all three. The more detail you provide, the better we’ll understand your idea.

If you’d like to submit through our formal Requests for Expressions of Interest, you’ll find the information here. If you feel at home here, keep scrolling and share your idea.

Remember—this is just the beginning of a much larger conversation about the future of the Exhibition Lands. We’ll evaluate every idea based on a wide range of factors, including the project’s guiding principles.

You’ve Submitted. Now What?

Stay tuned. We’ll explore a shortlist of ideas in upcoming public conversations. We’ll also create a report that outlines which ideas were included and excluded, and why.

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20 MB limit.
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Guiding Principles

We created some guiding principles using feedback from over 2,300 people like you. These statements are the foundation for all future decisions, and we’ll use them to evaluate your ideas for the Exhibition Lands.

When you submit your idea, think about the principles it aligns with and give it a check. Your idea doesn’t need to address every principle, but it should align with at least one.

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Where public investment is required to support development at the Exhibition Lands, a focus on quadruple bottom line evaluation of financial, economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits will be the foundation of the investment decision. The plan respects all existing legal commitments the City has made and determines the preferred balance of private and municipal investment to achieve strong business and public outcomes in the long term.
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The plan identifies opportunities to support economic growth in the short and long term. A diverse mix of opportunities are made available to both existing and new communities. The plan explores opportunities to leverage unique economic characteristics so this area complements city and regional economic development strategies.
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Provision of expanded ecological connections to the river valley and the broader parks and open space network is essential to ensuring long-term environmental health while also mitigating the impacts of climate change. The plan supports city-wide environmental goals including, but not limited to, energy conservation, water, waste management, and food sustainability.
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The evolution of the Exhibition Lands will bring new energy and activity to this area. Planning will support vibrant, safe, accessible, and inclusive communities for existing and new residents and visitors. Edmontonians of all ages and abilities have an opportunity to fully participate in the life of their city and neighbourhoods.
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The plan incorporates those elements which are supported by a strong business case for implementation in a reasonable timeframe. Analysis of ideas includes consideration for how innovative, creative concepts relate to both the existing neighbourhoods and new development and business activity in the area. For buildings and amenities that will stay in the area over the long term, the plan provides direction to integrate new development in ways that realizes existing opportunities while remaining open to potential future changes.
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The Exhibition Lands is situated in a culturally diverse area of the city. The plan invites interesting and innovative ways to tell the stories of the past, celebrate the diverse stories of the present, and support an inclusive, multicultural future for all residents and visitors. Opportunities to incorporate traditional Indigenous knowledge and story are identified and developed.